renothe asked: "Any particular reason ya don't like the Turks, Professor?"

Would you like the list of reasons ordered chronologically, or alphabetically?

dinnersmeal asked: What advice would you give prospective fathers?

Make sure the liquor cabinet is full, and stock up on antidepressants.

Anonymous asked you: did you love lucrecia

Anonymous asked you: Hey there Professor!:) i have some questions about your relationship with Lucrecia. 1)was it your goal-from the beginning- to have a child with her? or was it just a fluke? 2)how often did you slept with lucrecia till’ she became pregnant?3)when she was pregnant;did you stop having’ sex with her? greetz;Sayaki

ancientflower asked: "Professor Hojo sir, how did you first meet Ms. Precious?"

Funny story, that. Helen found me going for a midnight swim and thought I was off to drown myself. Apparently that’s a semi-regular occurrence at Costa Del Sol - who’d have guessed?

avi-w asked: Could you drop by Vincent's place sometime just to remind him I'm not the scariest entity in his life? He hasn't let me out for more than 5 minutes in over the last year and a half! It's not like I'm as bad as you! --HellMasker

…Valentine, your monsters are using the Internet to complain about you again.

Anonymous asked: Do you visit the nudist beach at Costa del Sol?

No. I do not.

You see, where women on the beach are concerned - a cleverly made swimsuit that enhances the illusion of nudity is infinitely more appealing than actual nudity itself.

Not to mention that, on a regular beach, I also get to keep my clothes on… and the girls do so enjoy the lab ensemble.

[Apologies for repost - it should be less blurry now. - Crim]

Anonymous asked: "Hojo," eh? Are you of Asian descent? Do you enjoy sushi? Are you excellent at maths? Are you a terrible driver?

Professor Hojo, yes. I’m of Wutainese descent, though you’ll find me more aligned with the stereotypes of my profession than those of my ethnic background.

For instance. I enjoy triple the recommended daily intake of caffeine. I am excellent at experimental neurosurgery and genetic modification, and terrible with indulging stupid questions online.

Anonymous asked: What did you do to Vincent Valentine's penis, Herr Professor? Could you not bring yourself to look at it, or did you remove and/or alter it out of spite?

Questions like this always make me wonder what kind of reputation I must have among you people.