Anonymous said: Are you Deeeeeeead? Yes I'm the one who is always asking about your hair. BTW WHY isn't it grey? Kay S.

Yes, I have died. My hair is now entirely white, attached to a cracked and chalky skull, and threaded through with worms and wildflowers.

Anonymous said: Professor, are you still alive?

No, I am not. I am six feet under - quite literally - and the internet connection down here is choppy at best.

ask-miloshinyflygon said: Its been about four months Doc...You deeeeeead? If so can I have your glasses?

Yes, I am dead. I have shed off my corporeal form and acquired the ability to see into both space and time, with devastating clarity.

You may take my glasses, as well as all my other irrelevant earthly possessions.

renothe said: "Any particular reason ya don't like the Turks, Professor?"

Would you like the list of reasons ordered chronologically, or alphabetically?

dinnersmeal said: What advice would you give prospective fathers?

Make sure the liquor cabinet is full, and stock up on antidepressants.

Anonymous asked you: did you love lucrecia

Anonymous asked you: Hey there Professor!:) i have some questions about your relationship with Lucrecia. 1)was it your goal-from the beginning- to have a child with her? or was it just a fluke? 2)how often did you slept with lucrecia till’ she became pregnant?3)when she was pregnant;did you stop having’ sex with her? greetz;Sayaki

ancientflower said: "Professor Hojo sir, how did you first meet Ms. Precious?"

Funny story, that. Helen found me going for a midnight swim and thought I was off to drown myself. Apparently that’s a semi-regular occurrence at Costa Del Sol - who’d have guessed?

deathandohisfriends said: Could you drop by Vincent's place sometime just to remind him I'm not the scariest entity in his life? He hasn't let me out for more than 5 minutes in over the last year and a half! It's not like I'm as bad as you! --HellMasker

…Valentine, your monsters are using the Internet to complain about you again.

Anonymous said: Do you visit the nudist beach at Costa del Sol?

No. I do not.

You see, where women on the beach are concerned - a cleverly made swimsuit that enhances the illusion of nudity is infinitely more appealing than actual nudity itself.

Not to mention that, on a regular beach, I also get to keep my clothes on… and the girls do so enjoy the lab ensemble.